Does waxing hurt?

Of course waxing hair out of follicles isn’t going to be a very comfortable experience however, in the hands of an experienced technician the process will go quickly and as pain free as possible. Make sure your technician holds your skin taught. She may even ask you for help :-) You might not want to wax four days before up to four days after your menstrual cycle. You will find it is a little more painful on these days. It is also more uncomfortable if you are overly tired or are feeling a little under the weather.

Discomfort after waxing?

The coarser your hair and the more sensitive your skin, the more sensitivity you will feel during and after the wax. Some first-time clients are uncomfortable for an hour or so and others feel a little bit sore for a day or two. Additionally, it is important not to wear tight jeans or pants if it is your first time waxing.

Can I wax while pregnant?

Yes you can, but with everything while you are pregnant please ask your doctor.

Contraindications for waxing?

We cannot wax you if you fall under any of the following categories: You are using any Retinol products i.e. Retin A, Renova etc. on brow area. You are using Accutane. You have any kind of sunburn, laser burn, pustules or breakouts on the area to be waxed. You are diabetic. However, we can wax you if you supply a doctor’s note saying it’s okay for you to wax. We ask that you discreetly disclose any and all medical conditions you have before we wax you. Also, please, please freshen up before your appointment. Although we always prep the skin with an antiseptic before we wax, we cannot apply wax to skin with any debris on it.

Can I tan after a wax?

NO, it is best to wait 24 hours before and 24 after any wax service. Your skin can be to sensitive from bed or outdoor tanning.

How long does your hair have to be?

3/4 of an inch for most body hair. That is about 10-14 days of growth so the wax can adhere correctly.

Waxing after care?

No sunbathing for at least 12 hours (have your waxing done at least the day BEFORE you go on holiday) No swimming in a chlorinated pool for 24 hours Same for spa baths or saunas Avoid applying any topical lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation) Also avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free Use a tea tree oil based product to apply to the area for it’s anti-bacterial qualities.