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About Lip Tattooing

There are many options of lip pigment colors and designs to choose from and with our custom consultation, we can together decide what is right for you.

During the consultation:

  • We discuss your look and lifestyle choosing the most naturally complimentary option that fits your personality.

  • Lips can also have different intensity of color and fades such as Lip Ombre style and reverse Ombre.

  • We will map and design the lip with your approval

  • Numbing agents are applied topically to create a comfortable experience

  • Color will be more intense for first few days

  • Lip healing is easy just requires lip balms and hydration during the process

  • Touch ups are after 1 month if needed

  • Lip color lasts a long time and can fade beautifully over time

  • Lips cannot be tattooed outside the borders

  • Must take antiviral if you have cold sores 3 days prior/ day of services/ 3 days after the minimum

  • Scar or trauma lips require a more complex consultation and pricing varies.

Consultation (Optional) - $35

(includes brow shaping and tint if requested when booking)


Lip Liner only -$250

Lip liner and Contour (mild color inwards) - $300

Aquarelle Lips or Lip Blush Full lip - $550

Full Lipstick Look - $600 

Initial Touch Up -$125

(*4 - 8 weeks after initial microblading appointment, required to achieve full results)

3 - 6 Months Touch Up​ -$150

6 - 12 Months Touch Up -$200

12+ Months Touch Up - $300

*Touch up rates are for current clients only. If your lips  have been previously tattooed elsewhere, regular rates apply, and a consult must be booked prior to appointment. ​

Lip Liner and contour Tattoo
2 hr 30 min
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