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About Microblading & Shading( Combination Brows)

Microblading added with Shading also referred to as Microshading,  is often recommended for those who may be more prone to oily skin. It is similar to microblading, but instead of the hair-like strokes all over your brow your Artist will use a different hand tool combined or with a specialized machine with acupuncture-like needles to emulate a softer and fuller as well as denser look. Many individuals who have oiler skin find that Microshading allows the look to last longer between touchups than Microblading alone.

Consultation (Optional) - $35

(includes brow shaping and tint if requested when booking)


Microblading & Shading- $415

Initial Touch Up -$85

(*4 - 6 weeks after initial microblading appointment, required to achieve full results)

3 - 6 Months Touch Up​ -$110

6 - 12 Months Touch Up -$185

12+ Months Touch Up - $270

*Touch up rates are for current clients only. If your brows have been previously tattooed elsewhere, regular rates apply, and a consult must be booked prior to microblading appointment. ​

Brand new set of Brows *** tax will be added to the price shown **** Please read All policies before booking**** Deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE once paid.
Microblading OR Powder Brows
2 hr 30 min
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